505 STOP SUICIDE Join the movement to combat suicide in New Mexico! STOP A SUICIDE TODAY! 505 STOP SUICIDE Join the movement to combat suicide on the Navajo Nation! STOP A SUICIDE TODAY! Slide Slide #GivingTuesday - November 28, 2017 Please Give $5.05 or $50.5 even $505!

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Join the movement to combat suicide in New Mexico!


San Juan County nonprofit, Capacity Builders, Inc. (CBI), believes that NOW IS THE TIME to put an end to suicide in New Mexico. 505 STOP SUICIDE is a New Mexico-specific campaign that proactively aims to eradicate suicide through education, training, advocacy, and collaboration with mental and behavioral health partners. Every dollar received is tax deductible and allows us to sponsor local community members to become suicide prevention peers and educators; who actively reach out into the community or work with partnering resource entities to provide professional referrals.

These individuals will receive extensive training to become certified to support local residents who:

  • Suffer from mental illness
  • May be experiencing a mental crisis
  • Are at risk of suicide or
  • May have attempted to end one’s life.

Capacity Builders, Inc. (capacitybuilders.info) is the Farmington-based nonprofit behind the 505 initiative. We, at Capacity Builders, Inc. (CBI) understand that the 505 region has many residents (as well as a large number of Native American and LGBTQ individuals) who are at a disproportionally high risk of suicide. The purpose of 505 STOP SUICIDE is to raise funds to support the prevention cause to the fact that suicide has personally impacted nearly everyone in this state. We also strive to support the well-being of our community by raising awareness and encouraging others to stay safe.

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