As a charitable nonprofit working to improve the quality of life for underprivileged citizens and tribal communities of San Juan County, Capacity Builders, Inc. desperately needs your help to stop suicide in the “505” (a northwestern New Mexico area code).

During this past year alone, CBI staff and partners have been directly impacted by the loss of 47 local teens and residents due to death by self-inflicted harm. Not only is the local suicide rate twice as high as the national average, the sharp incline of suicide by hanging, drug overdose, and guns has risen so fast in the past 24 months that it is not yet quantifiable for release to the public. Being the second leading cause of death among youth of our local tribes (including the Navajo Nation), Capacity Builders, Inc. has joined forces with tribal and municipal officials to declare a state of emergency. To help us begin the tedious work of establishing needed resources for suicide prevention and deterrence, we are asking for a minimum donation of $50.05…with every dollar going towards ending the epidemic of suicide in the region.

Our goal is to reduce the percentage of suicide attempts and suicides in the region by at least 10% every year until suicide is nonexistent in the 505 Land of Enchantment. Your donation is tax exempt and will go directly to train additional suicide prevention peers and mentors in the region, both youth and adults. By attending the full day suicide prevention first aid training, these role model participants will learn how to properly communicate with, support, intervene, and ultimately prevent suicide attempts as they work hand-in-hand with high risk residents in need.

Your contribution will enable Capacity Builders, Inc. to generate greater awareness of suicide prevention and train individuals to become certified to work with residents in need. By matching a trained suicide prevention mentor in the community with someone experiencing a mental crisis, we will be able to offer kindness, support, friendship, and the resources needed to sustain and improve quality of life.

  • Every donation of $50.05 (or smaller donations that amount to $50.05) will sponsor one community member to receive the full day suicide prevention first aid training.
  • The more you give, the more citizens will be able to complete the training which will support community members at risk and in need of prevention help.
  • Moreover, for every $500.05 raised, advanced training and support will be provided to suicide prevention mentors and will additionally cover their time of up to 40 hours to be placed in schools and our social service partner organizations. By dedicating this vast amount of time, our prevention trainees will better be able to create MEANINGFUL bonds that will make a true, lifelong impact of high risk community members who are likely to commit suicide or who have shown signs of suicidal behavior in the past.

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