Suicide is a huge concern within our community and we, as an organization, must do something about it NOW.

The 505 STOP SUICIDE initiative is one that has evolved from our 2015 Now Is The Time (NITT) grant. Capacity Builders received a federal grant to implement this program, which will increase the awareness of mental health issues among youth ages 12-18 through the Youth Mental Health First Aid Trainings.  These trainings will target adults 18 and over Youth serving adults, social service providers, law enforcement, school districts, parents/foster parents, politicians.  NITT will also, through the YMHFA, increase the capacity to respond to the behavioral health issues and developmental needs, and most importantly increase community-wide awareness of suicide prevention strategies and early warning signs.  Although the grant funding will soon end, Capacity Builders is dedicated to continuing the program by increasing awareness and fighting against suicide and the stigma of mental illness.

The suicide epidemic in this state has impacted nearly all of the lives of our organization’s volunteers and staff, who have been directly impacted by the suicide epidemic. Just a few months ago, one of our domestic violence program participants purposefully walked in front of a train to her demise. We have even experienced a former board member’s suicide by hanging less than a year ago. Not far from our offices were the suicides of 6 youth under the age of 18 – all which occurred within a 12-month period. With your help in the form of donations or by participating in the peer and mentor trainings, Capacity Builders will be able to certify hundreds of suicide prevention peers and mentors in the coming months and in the future. We have hopes to expand this effort throughout the state of New Mexico, including our many tribal communities.

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