Make a Pledge

Every pledge has a meaningful impact…

Suicide has impacted almost every individual in our state. We would like to encourage community members and organizations to make a commitment (to yourself or other members of the community) to stop suicide.

This pledge is a key component in our advocacy campaign and we would like to share this special commemoration by providing a template for you to download and share!

Individual Pledges

The Individual Pledge asks individuals to tell someone if they are struggling and need help; reach out to others who are struggling; listen non-judgmentally to individuals who are in distress; ask directly about suicide if they are worried about someone and help anyone who is struggling and/or thinking about suicide to get help.

Organizational Pledges – Public agencies, community groups, schools, colleges, nonprofits and businesses

We encourage you as an organization to reach out to the community to be an advocate for suicide prevention – in order to become an advocate, we encourage you to print our Pledge Certificate and interact with staff, customers and community members about the #505STOPSUICIDE campaign.

Pledge Now

Download the Pledge Certificate HERE

Make a PROMISE by stating, “I pledge that I will…”:

  • Get mental health first aid certified
  • Tell someone if I’m struggling and need help
  • Reach out and tell you if I’m worried about you
  • Listen to you, without judgement if you need someone to talk to
  • Ask you, directly, if you think you’re trying to tell me about suicide
  • Help you get support if you’re struggling and/or thinking about suicide
  • Talk with my child’s teacher to make sure he/she is okay
  • Donate to 505 STOP SUICIDE to stop suicide in New Mexico
  • Tell my story so that I can become an advocate for Suicide Prevention
  • Stop suicide by…





Every pledge has a meaningful impact.
Suicide has affected almost every individual in the state of New Mexico. By taking a pledge today, you are pledging to make a difference. We encourage you to dig deep so that we can combat suicide. Today, you take a pledge to:

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