Our Mission & Our Vision


To support those New Mexico residents who have been impacted (or who may be at risk of being impacted) by suicide through raising awareness of suicide prevention, by providing training to community members so that they may properly respond and mentor those who have attempted suicide or who are at high risk, and by enhancing the access of high risk individuals to appropriate and effective community resources. It is our desire to foster the overall well-being of the New Mexico community and engage residents to make a true, proactive difference when it comes to suicide prevention.


In the future…

All residents of the 505 community will understand the value of their and others’ lives. They will feel confident knowing that it is “okay to talk with someone” if they or a peer has thoughts of suicide. Moreover, they will have direct access to the appropriate resources in the time of need. 505 will be a community of hope, support, and understanding with suicide playing no part in everyday society.


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