Our Board of Directors

Larry White, Sr.

Mr. Larry White, Sr. is a traditional teacher. An enrolled member of the Navajo Nation, he is retired from a lifetime of hard work in difficult conditions on and off the Navajo Nation. He has worked on the railroads in Kansas, in the Colorado mines, and in food service in Chinle and red Mesa schools. He now lives in Teec Nos Pos, Arizona on the Navajo Nation. A foster grandparent, he is deeply committed to educating youth in Navajo cultural traditions and raising them well.

Lula Parrish

Ms. Lula Parish is an entrepreneur in Farmington, New Mexico. A fluent Navajo language speaker, she is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation and interested in fostering small business development.

Deborah Montgomery

Dr. Deborah Montgomery is an entrepreneur. Raised in California by an Anglo family, she has Cherokee birth roots she continues to discover and support. The founder of Capacity Builders, she has been a resident of Farmington, New Mexico since 2000. Understanding that tribal cultures are constantly challenged in complex and diverse non-tribal as well as reservation environments, Dr. Montgomery spearheads regional efforts in grant writing and capacity building to meet those challenges. Dr. Montgomery has extensive background in nationwide grant writing and capacity building through various companies she has founded, which frequently provide support to this organization.