Our Board of Directors

Capacity Builders, Inc. is overseen by a diverse and dedicated Board of Directors. The Board understands the challenges facing the people of the Navajo Nation and other communities being served as well as the importance of sound leadership, accountability, and excellent business practices in achieving the vision and mission of CBI. Board officers and members bring with them over 50 years of combined experience of working in the nonprofit arena in the areas of leadership, administration, program development, program and grant management, research and evaluation, grant writing, fundraising, financial management, strategic planning, and volunteer recruitment and human resources management.

In addition, the CBI Board is Native American driven with several officers being enrolled members and residents of the Navajo Nation Tribe. These officers are fluent in the Navajo language, cultural traditions, ceremonies, and medicine. Board officers are also experienced in managing, developing, and overseeing various types of culturally accurate health, wellness, and economic development programs as well as services for people all of walks of life, incomes, and ethnicities from ages 0 through 100+. These programs include, but are not limited to: improvement in health and wellness, disabilities, teen pregnancy and suicide prevention, youth internships, youth mentoring, and foster care. Additionally, some members are entrepreneurs and business owners who have expertise in liaising between the nonprofit and profit-based businesses for career development, business management support, marketing, collaboration, contracts, facility management, commercial and visual arts, and the provision of training to professionals.  If you have any questions for the Capacity Builders Inc. Board of Directors or are interested in joining the Board, please contact our office at 505-278-7789.