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EarthMother-logo250pEarth Mother Agricultural Initiative (EMAI)
USDA Small and Socially – Disadvantaged Producer Grant

In March 2015, the EMAI began providing technical assistance to farmers and ranchers in 14 chapters in the Northern Agency of the Navajo Nation. The project provides individual consulting and also organizes workshops on topics of interest to Navajo farmers and ranchers. The goal of the grant is to improve small farmer and rancher capacity and economic conditions through individual technical assistance and through workshops. The grant continues through December 2016.

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Farmers and ranchers in these chapters are eligible to participate:

  • Nenahnezad
  • Upper Fruitland
  • Tsa Daa K’aan
  • Gadii’ ahi
  • Shiprock
  • San Juan
  • Toadlena
  • Tolikan
  • Teec Nos Pos
  • Sheep Springs
  • Red Mesa
  • Beclabito
  • Tiis Tso Sikaad
  • Newcomb

Workshops sponsored by the project in 2015 included:

  • Introduction to Food Forests, with a tour of a local food forest.
  • Basic agronomic practices in corn, squash, and alfalfa production
  • Introduction to permaculture, with swale building
  • Sustainable Living, with plant identification, lamb carcass cutting, and sustainable building design, including rocket mass stoves, solar showers, and adobe construction
  • Nenahnezad Harvest Festival, including cucumber pickling and native foods
  • Introduction to balance sheets

Topics for one-on-one consulting have included land use planning to retain and manage water on steep slopes on both a farm and a ranch, using swales and check dams.

Future topics however for both workshops and individual consulting are open and can be suggested by farmers and ranchers in the chapters eligible to participate. If you are interested, contact Rachel Nawrocki. To register for a 2017-2018 workshop, contact Audra Benally.

Project Director
Rachel Nawrocki
Executive Director at Capacity Builders

Workshop Registration
Audra Benally
Outreach Specialist
505-326-4245, ext. 128