Navajo Community Health Workers (NCHW)

NCHW is a unique combination of training services for existing Community Health Representatives (CHR’s) combined with programming and outreach activities which address the unique socioeconomic, cultural, and societal aspects of residents living on the Navajo Nation. Through the NCHW project, Capacity Builders Inc. and its community-based partners intend to dramatically improve the capacity of these CHR’s as they address the unique health needs of underserved Navajo populations. We do this by providing free training to certify all CHR’s as Health Coaches and Certified Tobacco Prevention Specialists as well as certify additional community members and volunteers in these same fields. The NCHW project additionally works with schools on the reservation – helping them raise their standards in the realm of physical activity, food, and nutrition. We also boost the capacity of reservation food pantries so that they offer fresher, healthier foods to those in need.