CBI Implements TOP® In Local Secondary Schools

One of the major initiatives that Capacity Builders Inc. coordinates in San Juan County and the Navajo Nation is the Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program® (TOP®). TOP® is an evidence-based best practice specifically designed for teens in 6th to 12th grade. It consists of at least 25 lessons, including values clarification, relationships, communication, assertiveness, influences, goal-setting, decision-making, human development and sexuality, and community service learning to help guide youth to make the best possible decisions regarding teen pregnancy, risky behavior, and wellness goals. This initiative is funded by a grant from the U.S Department of Health and Human Services Office of Adolescent Health. This funding supports CBI to continue to help teens build a successful foundation of positive healthy behaviors. Capacity Builders Inc. implements the program in Central Consolidated Schools and a handful of other BIE schools on the reservation. Guided by an engaging and relevant nine-month curriculum, TOP® reduces the risk of problem behavior while promoting healthy choices and empowering teens to lead successful lives and build strong communities. This cost-effective approach is grounded in contemporary research and nationally recognized as a program that delivers real results.