The Native American Teen Pregnancy Prevention Resource Center is an
initiative of Capacity Builders, Inc. (CBI)

Capacity Builders, Inc. is commissioned by the federal US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to act as a technical assistance provider of capacity building services to the Navajo Nation and to the 114 tribal nonprofits and schools of the Nation. In doing so, we work hand-in-hand with DHHS to enhance the functioning of these entities within 5 specific domains of capacity: organizational, programmatic, partnership, leadership, and evaluation. As you will read below, our work with the tribe, schools, and reservation nonprofits has led us to successfully creating and expanding a number of partnership networks and youth development programs in addition to establishing several reservation-wide prevention initiatives dealing with specific social issues impacting youth. Capacity Builders, Inc. dedicates its experience, connections, and resources to developing and sustaining similar initiatives that specifically target the social problem of teen pregnancy.

To strengthen the organizational capacity of the many tribal units and agencies served under our DHHS contract, Capacity Builders, Inc. coordinates hundreds of visioning and planning meetings every year. After the meetings, Capacity Builders, Inc. not only develops detailed strategic plans for these agencies but also helps implement the plans. Many entities have desired to establish or expand their youth development and prevention programs because of this process. For example, Central Consolidated School District wanted to offer a special program to its families that discussed Navajo culture in context to setting boundaries and expectations for children in the areas of alcohol and drug abuse, sexual activity, teen pregnancy, and academic achievement. Another one of our partners, the Shiprock Home, wanted to establish its own prevention program for Navajo teens who had accessed its domestic violence shelter or who were referred from the court. This program sought to educate teens on how to maintain healthy relationships with romantic partners, how to identify the signs of domestic abuse, how to protect oneself from abuse, and how to make healthy sexual choices. Capacity Builders, Inc. assisted both of these agencies in transforming their ideas into strategic plans, and then into real working programs that continue to operate today. We helped these agencies perform needs assessments to identify the true problems and risk factors of their target population; and we led them in the investigation of both evidence-based and untested curricula. In the first case, we helped the district select and then modify the programming that best fit the needs of its families. In the second case, we actually wrote and performed efficacy research on the prevention curriculum that the shelter used in its intervention with teens. In both cases, we continue to advise on the sustainability of the programs by performing free evaluation of the initiatives, grant writing, and volunteering in classrooms delivering many of the prevention education sessions. These are just 2 of 500 plus examples of the work we do.

Capacity Builders, Inc. further has a long history in organizing and running teen prevention and youth development initiatives on the Navajo and other reservations. Capacity Builders, Inc.'s founder and Senior Advisor was responsible for writing and implementing the federal Elementary and Secondary School Counselors Grant, the federal Student Dropout Prevention Grant, and the New Mexico Student Risk Prevention Grant for a partnership network in San Juan County that included the local school district, 6 middle and high schools, 3 local Boys and Girls Clubs, the hospital, and the local Youth Safety Council of the reservation and surrounding border towns.

Funding for Capacity Builders, Inc.’s teen pregnancy prevention project was made available through cooperative agreement # OPHS/OHA-TPP- Tier1-2010 from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, Office of Adolescent Health, and with funding support from the Administration for Children, Youth and Families/Family and Youth Services Bureau. The name of this project is Navajo Youth Builders. (Please note that the views expressed in written materials or publications do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the Department of Health and Human Services; nor does mention of trade names, commercial practices, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.)

Capacity Builders, Inc. created this Resource Center to make data, statistics, reports, and resources available to Tribes, Native American youth, families, and practitioners, and to organizations working to prevent teen and unplanned pregnancies. We encourage you to contact us with any suggestions or questions about this work we do and pledge to make this resource the best single-source for tribal teen pregnancy prevention available.

Our Mission

To assist tribal, governmental, and nonprofit agencies who serve culturally diverse and at-risk populations build their organizational and financial capacity so they have the resources available to them and the skillsets required, to improve the quality of life for those they serve and are able to be successful in accomplishing their goals.

Our Goals