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Success with Adolescent Goals (SWAG)

Students created origami for the elderly.

Students created origami for the elderly as part of a community service learning project.

Success with Adolescent Goals is program for young people ages 12-17 sponsored by the New Mexico Department of Health, and Capacity Builders, Inc. The program is designed to help young people to set and achieve positive goals for their lives, make positive contributions to their communities and to engage in positive health behaviors, including postponing sexual involvement. The program will focus on issues around values, relationships with family and peers, life skills, and sexuality education. In addition, students will participate in service learning activities under the supervision of an adult mentor. The aspect of the program will also involve facilitated refection that connects meaningful community service with academic learning, personal growth, and civic responsibility.

Goal 1: Increase knowledge of STDs, skills in dealing with stress and depression, conflict resolution skills, and reduce their likelihood of fathering or parenting a child.
Goal 2: Host a SWAG Parent Orientation event, encouraging parents and guardians to participate throughout the program.
Goal 3: Have students complete 25 hours of service learning projects under the supervision of an adult mentor.

Students Tse Bit' Ai Middle School

Students participated in a clean up at Tse Bit’ Ai Middle School.

Above the Waist Curriculum
The curriculum that is going be used within this program is called Above the Waist. Above the Waist is an evidence-based curriculum that is rooted in philosophy of holistic sexuality. Not to mention, Above the Waist curriculum believes that all young people will have access to developmentally-appropriate, positive, and respectful sexuality education as a part of a community-wide approach to preventing pregnancy and STDs.

Goals of Above the Waist
1. To advance age-appropriate sexual literacy
2. To build competence, confidence, and connectedness among participants
3. To make healthy decisions during adolescent and into adulthood

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