Where The Need Is Greatest

Capacity Builders Inc. is actively working in and transforming the neediest communities in the United States. You will find our greatest presence on the Navajo Nation Reservation. This rural, desolate, 27,000 square mile community that is served by our longstanding coalition of partners is the poorest tribal reservation in America. Ninety seven percent of our 300,000 citizens live in poverty or are low income and 76% are dependent on welfare or social security. Our financially depleted tribe and resource starving schools and community agencies do not have the means or knowledge to salvage the next generation of Navajo youth from the adversities of their ancestors. Tribal housing projects that are infiltrated with drugs, crime, and gangs; disenfranchised families living in condemned homes with no electricity, dirt floors, and no running water; and graffiti, blight, percolating anger, and hopelessness will continue to define the way of life for those Navajo youth unable to escape the poverty pocket of risk and limited opportunity that we call the Navajo Nation. Only here will you find that approximately 20% of young girls become pregnant as a result of incest and assault among so many other tumultuous challenges that our children face. Every dollar you give will go to building the future of this and other needy communities.

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