Volunteer Opportunities

Youth Programs

Check out Capacity Builders Inc.’s Navajo Youth Builders Program. We are always looking for Navajo parents, college students, and elders to volunteer their time and experience to mentor Navajo youth. Contact by email or at 505.278-7789 to find out more about our youth volunteer openings.

Economic Development Programs

Read about Capacity Builders Inc.’s Economic Development Initiatives on the Navajo Nation. We are always in need of professional grant writers, economic development specialists, and consultants – seasoned in nonprofit capacity building – to assist with our Navajo Nation economic development initiatives. It is a great way to build your resume and experience. Find out more information by at 505.326.4245.

Board Opportunities

Meet the Board of Directors for Capacity Builders Inc. We are currently in the process of recruiting additional board members to support its growing initiatives. If you are interested in applying to work as a board member for Capacity Builders Inc., please contact us at 505.278-7789.

Partnership Opportunities

Our vision at Capacity Builders Inc. is to build a nation-wide partnership that connects tribal and needy communities with capacity building specialists. We desire to see our youth development and economic development initiatives being replicated across the United States as we continue to grow our reach in the areas of drug, alcohol, and delinquency prevention and job development. If you belong to an organization that is interested in replicating one of our initiatives or that could potentially benefit from a resource sharing partnership with Capacity Builders Inc., contact us at 505.278.7789.

Ride Share Program

Lou Go’s transportation has provided free to low cost rides for seniors and people with disabilities in San Juan County twice per week. This is not just a transportation service for doctors appointments. This service is allowing the community access to travel for any type of commute. From hair appointments, to grocery shopping or a bingo game at a local senior center.

We believe in getting our elders and people with disabilities back into the community and providing that social interaction. Lou Go’s started this program through a grant from the NADTC agency in 2018. The grant ended in October 2019 and we are looking for volunteers to continue this much needed service within our community.

Volunteers use our vehicles to provide rides to our community members twice a week from 8am to 6pm. The qualifying factors include having a driver’s license and no more than two infractions on your driving record in the past two years. We have (2) 4 hour blocks that we need filled twice a week. Our goal would be to add more days as we get more volunteer drivers.

Contact me by email at [email protected] or call 505.278-7789 to find out more about our Lou Go’s shuttle volunteer openings.

Community Beautification Volunteer Projects

Capacity Builders Inc. has several volunteer-based community beautification projects planned this Spring. We will be picking up and doing some basic landscaping in several communities. Food, water and all necessary equipment will be provided to volunteers who participate. We ask that all participants wear work clothes and shoes.

If you are interested in the project but can’t make the date, we encourage you to make a tax-deductible donation of food items, supplies or monetary contributions.

For more information please contact our project manager Jody Mike-Bidtah at [email protected] or call 505.278.7789.