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This culturally relevant project offers alternative education and learning experiences for rural at-risk students between the ages of 16-24 who are seeking their GED. This project addresses many core cultural and economic issues facing the Northern New Mexico community. Current research supports our program approach, “Native American youth who engage in cultural learning activities then gain experience in applying their creative energies. The resulting positive identity, self-esteem, and creativity then figure prominently in student academic achievement and graduation”. In keeping with current research, YBLD will give these students a path towards a GED or High School Diploma while also preparing them for a job in the growing local construction industry, opportunities sorely needed in our depressed local economy.

Participants will be trained in the construction trades and will learn the value of community service by rebuilding homes for low-income families. The program will support participants in obtaining employment and/or beginning their post-secondary education. In addition, Navajo Youth Builders provides participants with customized support services to include career readiness, tutoring, conversational language learning, technology training, counseling, basic needs assistance, graduate support and college readiness. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a nationally recognized construction credential through the National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER).

If you know someone who is ready to obtain their GED and insurmountable employability skills, please contact:
Navajo Youth Builders
406 W. Broadway
Farmington, NM 87401
(505) 608-7102
E-mail: Carol Burr at
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Navajo Youth Builders Program



How you can Support the Navajo Youth Builders Program

Navajo Youth Builders is a federally funded project that will be educating 79 high risk, disadvantaged local youth in the commercial construction industry. Ranging in ages 16-24, these participants will complete an intense series of classes over the next three years in this subject matter. They will be working on a number of tasks and construction renovation projects – benefiting the lowest of the low income families in this community. And…best of all, they will be eligible to apply for a general contractor’s license at the end of this intense, but very gratifying process.  The participants will be doing all of this under the guidance and mentoring of some of the best licensed contractors and superior craftsmen in the region; many of whom have donated their time to the project.

Even though CBI was funded with grant dollars, only a third of the project was funded with federal funding. This has caused a number of implementation barriers for the project. The youth in our program will not have all the materials they need to make the full renovations on the homes set up for project work. They are close to inhabitable. Some with partial roofing that was blown away by the recent wind storms. Others with no plumbing, electricity, or floors. We are talking about homes with families of 5 to 8 members who are currently living with school age children, not able to access the internet let alone a microwave, stove, or working bathroom.

We are humbly requesting your help to support this Youth Builders project. Your contribution can be given in several forms:

  • Cash Donation (funds will be used to buy supplies, tools, building materials, gravel, etc.)
  • Gift Cards for construction materials (will be used to purchase supplies and tools) Gift cards to food vendors and grocery stores are also welcome for refreshments for youth; such as water, snacks, or lunch.
  • Construction supplies in new or good working condition (saws, tools, drills, paint, wood, cement, doors, drywall, safety work gear, boots, etc.)
  • In-Kind Donations (donations of construction supplies, gear, refreshments for youth such as water, snacks or lunch)

To make a Cash Donation, click the button below. You can select “Youth Programs” or “Other – Youth Builders” for the category.

All contributions are tax deductible. To thank you for your support, all Premiere Level donators (with contributions over the amount of $500) will also be publicly recognized in local media outlets, CBI’s newsletters, and CBI’s website (viewed by over 350,000 four corners locals every year).

Please let us know if you can help local youth to learn a trade that can lead to lifelong employment and economic independence. This is such an important project and your help will play a huge part in making it happen. Feel free to contact Grant Manager Carol Burr at (505)608-7102 if you have any questions.

Thank you to our Funders and Sponsors!

Local sponsors support Navajo Youth Builders

Through the generous support of our sponsors, Youth Builders is able to make a difference in the lives of our participants and the low-income families who desperately need help with home rennovations. Thank you very much! Navajo Youth Builders has received several donations from the following companies:

Navajo Youth Builders receives funding from Bank of America and Wells Fargo

2017 – Bank of America awarded Youth Builders $2,500 to support Youth Builders participant stipends.
2017 – Wells Fargo awarded Youth Builders $5,000 to support support materials and supplies, assisting in the renovation of low-income homes.

Navajo Youth Builders is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor

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For more information

If you are interested in obtaining for information on this program feel free to email us at –
Or feel free to call us at: (505)326-4245

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