New Mexico Youth Conservation Corps

This project is designed to improve and beautify an existing dirt footpath that Navajo residents utilize daily to travel to school, church, work, and the grocery store in Tohatchi, New Mexico. The path, on land owned by the Navajo Nation, frequently washes away in rain, leaving residents unable to traverse the one-mile distance. Corps members are in the process of grading and leveling the path as well as creating a border that will ensure it remains intact even in inclement weather. Youth will also build benches and install garbage cans, remove rocks that impede travel, and beautify the edges of the path with existing natural flora. It is our intent that participants gain a sense of purpose and take pride in satisfying this important community need.

We are now recruiting for the Summer 2018 projects at San Juan Chapter in Waterflow, NM!










We believe that supporting our youth, helping to create new enterprise, and focusing on health and wellness for all is among the highest pursuits. Join us by calling: 505-326-4245.