About Us

Since 1995, Capacity Builders Inc. has been diligently serving the development needs of nonprofits, tribes, and governmental agencies from as nearby as Shiprock New Mexico to as far away as Northwest Arctic Borough Alaska. We are a nonprofit organization and a long-time member of the New Mexico Better Business Bureau.

It is our organizational mission to…

To improve the quality of life for the poorest and neediest tribal communities, nonprofits, and people in the United States through our capacity building support and direct services that lead to job creation, economic independence, wellness, and abundance.

The central goal driving our organizational endeavors is to equip as many nonprofit and public leaders as humanly possible with no less than 100% of the resources needed to achieve these outcomes. These include financial resources, research and evaluation resources, information and training resources, leadership building resources, and much more.

Call us, today, to discover how our capacity building services can fulfill both your organizational goals and our agency’s mission.

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