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About Capacity Builders, Inc.
Capacity Builders, Inc. (CBI) is a 501-c3 nonprofit organization whose headquarters are located in Farmington, NM in the Four Corner’s region of AZ, NM, CO, and Utah. The Board and staff of CBI strive to improve the lives of diverse people of the Four Corners’ area, especially the Native American youth, families, and elders and through providing direct services and community coalitions that include teen pregnancy prevention, drug and alcohol prevention, suicide prevention, academic and service-learning programs, transportation solutions. CBI also encourages love, appreciation, and understanding of one’s culture by incorporating cultural learning components in some of our programs.

To assist tribal, governmental, and nonprofit agencies who serve culturally diverse and at-risk populations build their organizational and financial capacity so they have the resources available to them and the skill set required, to improve the quality of life for those they serve and are able to be successful in accomplishing their goals.


The central goal driving our organizational endeavors is to equip as many nonprofit and public leaders as humanly possible with no less than 100% of the resources needed to achieve these outcomes. These include financial resources, research and evaluation resources, information and training resources, leadership building resources, and much more.


Call us, today, to discover how our capacity building services can fulfill both your organizational goals and our agency’s mission.

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